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To produce books and materials that are
Simple to read and easy to apply.
Welcome to KISS Publishing House

You have probably spent most of your life dealing with textbooks, tutorials, and in-class lectures.

If you have, you know that the textbooks all too often have similar characteristics. They are either incredibly long, making it hard for you to find only what you need in a hurry or they assume you are stupid and hate to learn. It is for this reason that “Keep It Simply Simple” was created.

When you use a Keep It Simply Simple guide, we promise three things: First, we promise to demystify the concepts included in this guide. Second, we promise to do our best to make your learning experience fun and enlightening. Finally, we promise that if you follow the Keep It Simply Simple way of gaining knowledge, you will be able to quantify what you have learned and measure your results.

Just what is the Keep It Simply Simple way of gaining knowledge?

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It is a simple process really, and because you are already a capable, intelligent learner, you are probably applying the process without realizing it. This guide will work for you if you read the concepts, write them down as a note, then do our massive memorization exercises. This simple process of reading, writing/understanding, then doing puts you in charge of your learning process. As you apply the Keep It Simply Simple way of gaining knowledge, this book becomes exactly what we claim it to be--a guide; and as everyone knows, the best guides are those that lead, provide easy-to-follow instructions, and let you revel in the joy of discovering new skills.
About KISS Publishing House

The Team at KISS Publishing HOUSE, Inc. represents the best, and the brightest minds in the world. We are a group of people that share a mission to produce books and materials that are simple to read, and easy to apply.

We believe that everybody is smart, and that if taught in our Simply Simple way, the wealth of knowledge has no limits.

If you can read it, believe it, you will receive it!

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